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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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>> seen some success in that area and figuring out some ways to beef that up so our students can come in with a leg forward a lot of our students already have early warning indicators so thank you for this presentation and we'll continue to have this discussion about continuation school and course schools and county schools. thank you. >> any other questions or comments? >> i also want to thank the team i think we're getting better and better at system atizing and i want to thank you all. the budget that we'll be working on specifically african-american numbers will be working with a number of departments to have a stronger focus on those numbers as well
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and i hate to be the wet blanket but i want to keep it real with our community that we're in the midst of an implementation dip with the common core so when the results become available there's much more rigorous standards but should not see a dip for students on track for graduation we'll be monitoring that as well and i want to remind the public we're upping the bar for everybody and keep you apprised but again thank you very much for the for the teach appreciate your efforts. >> thank you for that comprehensive report. we're at item n and there are none tonight and item o was moved and seconded under section f. the role call please.
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>> thank you commissioner. >> thank you. mr. hain and miss mcdonald. >> yes, except on items 1, 2, 3 and 5. >> okay 1, 2, 3 and 5 thank you. miss norton ? >> yes. >> mr. walton. >> yes but i abstain on item on page 34. >> thank you commissioner. >> dr. morosy. >> aye. >> we're on item p consent calendar resolution immediate action there are none. item q first reading none tonight. our board member proposals none tonight. the board member's report standing committees we have already heard from the
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report of the committee as a whole so i would like to ask commissioner joe to provide a report of the meeting of march 13th. >> thank you so the rules committee met and we had two major items we actually had an informational and one was on the vaccination policy and so we've asked the staff we've looked at the vaccination policies that we have and the csba model policies and asked the staff to bring us a recommendation for what changes we would want to make if any to our own policies and that will be forthcoming at the next meeting and we began to look at the legislative issues so
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you all should have gotten that packet that had the agenda of the rules committee on the front and it was followed by a big fat list which has all the bills that are legislative advocates are tracking so far a lot of these are spot bills just put in place and don't have content although there's a sense that this bill is probably going to be about that so we did not -- because the bills are not flushed out, we didn't take a position on many of the issues, but i recommend to you that you read this and tell us whether there are things in it that you want us to pay particular attention to remember again sorry mostly for the public if anybody is listening that the committee actually takes positions and not just make recommendations for the board, so so if you want to have input on that you
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have to come to the committee meeting or tell me or members of the committee what things you are interested in and i know the bill list was provided to all of you but the committee did take a position and i'm going to read it just to tell you what they are because they were things that we would obviously want to take the position on or have some timely reason to have a position taken early on so baker and sb 774 fuller which are the two bills in both houses that propose to repeal the cap and that's the exact reflection of the ordinance that was proposed here in san francisco a couple of weeks ago which is proposals with safety warnings on sugar sweet ened beverages and based
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on the board's support for the tax proposal last year we took a support position on that and similarly and we told you that we were probably likely to do this this month, the repeal of the personal belief exemption for vaccinations and ab 1391 gomez it doesn't propose to take away the instructional minutes but put a process in place to allow for an administrative process to correct if if you weren't doing what you needed to do to meet the minutes requirement the only recould recourse now is to be sued at great costs to the districts and based on our local positions on this and
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also the curtsy to our own representatives we took a positive position on sb 3 the proposed increase in the state minimum wage and ab 10-51 this is a bill related to penalties for human sex trafficking in proximity to schools. and actually, i'm being reminded because our staff gave me this list that we actually recommended that the first reading of amended board policies on vaccinations come to the board to the board at the next meeting on on april 13th so that will be coming to you that will only be a first reading and theoretically won't have to come back to the rules committee. thank you.
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>> president? >> just the position that the committee took on the ending of the personal belief exemption there's a resolution tomorrow night which i'm going to go and speak in favor and communicate the board's position on that and i just wanted you to be aware of that and invite anybody else to give public comment if you happen to be around the state building tomorrow night around 7. >> can i say something that the committee will follow up on i've received a request from the senator's office that we take a support position and send a letter on the community school's act that she has proposed and the hearing in the education committee is on april 8th, so we will not have
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another rules committee before that meeting so i have asked i sent it to -- i forwarded it to mr. davis and asked for them to take a position -- i don't think -- based on our history possibly write a letter saying the district is very happy whatever we can say because we don't have a meeting between now and then. >> okay. thank you commissioner . would anyone like to announce any upcoming meetings for their committees? >> april 13th student assignment very important. it's the panel discussion we will be having so i hope that everybody will be able to attend that should be pretty interesting. >> the budget meeting? >> it's a panel discussion with
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a bunch of -- and i'm blanking on who it is -- but the people that have worked with us on monitoring our student assignment system over the years so it's engaging in a dialogue with us an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about, you know, the goals of our system and where it's going and are there changes that we need to make and that kind of thing. >> commissioner? >> thank you. buildings and grounds is meeting on monday april april the 20th. >> april 8th? >> april 15th. also i'd like to add select ivity will be discussing muni and transportation and also summer
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programming. >> thank you very much. all other announcements -- i would like to congratulate my colleague, commissioner, you will receive the advocate award at the coleman advocate's 40th anniversary together with supervisor john avalos and that is scheduled for thursday, may 7th. any other announcements? commissioner? >> thank you i'd just like to on behalf of roseti and malone to invite to the education revolution event saturday april 25th from 9 to 4 at, at and t park and it's designed for families with students with learning differences so it's joining the education
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revolution for a day of resources celebration and community and feature workshops and exhibits and student activities again that's saturday april 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at at and t park. >> when is the summer job fair? >> thank you so the summer job fair is on april 21st st and it's going to be at moscone -- no, it's a saturday. then i lied. april 11th. so it will be be april 11th at moscone center south, 747 howard street and it's going to be from ten until 4 and we encourage all of our young people between 17 and 24 to come down for job support interview, resume
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writing on the job -- there will be some on the spot hiring from some of our employers so come on down. >> thank you very much. any other announcements? >> seeing none, the board will now go into closed session. i'll call a recess of the regular meeting. vote of 7 ayes gives the authority to the district to pay the stipulated amount. the board by a vote of 7 ayes gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. that concludes the business for this evening. the meeting is adjourned. >>
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good afternoon, this is the meeting of the commission of the community investment and infrastructure for march 18, 2015. >> call the first tell. >> the first tell is roll call. commission members please respond when i call your name. commissioner mondejar, >> here. >> commissioner singh and madam chair rosales. >> here. >> the next order of business is
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announcements. the next regularly scheduled meeting will be held tuesday at april 7, 2015, at 1:00 p.m.. in city hall room 416. >> announcements of prohibition of sound producing electronic devices during meeting. please be adviced that the ringing of and use of cell phones and pagers similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be adviced that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for ringing of our use of a cellphone pager or other similar sound producing electric ig devices. it is strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address
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the commission fill out a speaker card and submit the completed card to the commission secretary. the next order of business is item 3, report on action taken at a previously closed session meeting if any. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business item 4, matters of unfinished business, there are none. the next order of business item 5. matters of new business for skend -- consent and regular agenda. approval of minutes of february 17, 2015, and contract with management group a corporation of the property manager of the open bay mission systems to include parcels p 6,
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p 26 and 7, p 11a and p 19 and to increases the contract's management fee by $22045, 00 not to exceed $688,000. north bay south redevelopment project area. action resolution no. 10, 2015. madam chair? >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards for either item on the consent calendar? >> i do. mr. washington. >> mr. washington?
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>> good evening, commissioners and listening audience. my name is ace washington. i'm here today in a different capacity with a smile on my face. it would contend my heart that you have accomplished something. it looks the commissioners have been responded to the needs of our needs of the mission. i'm happy and delighted and pleased to see that the commissioners are prepared to come to the western edition. i'm relieved. i have somewhat good news for everybody. i told your secretary earlier that i'm in the transition of retiring. what, ace, you are retiring? yes. i have been in this for 35 years. i
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have the commission from the housing authority. i think i have done a wonderful job in this span because when i first started out that was one of the biggest things i did. i brought redevelopment to the board of supervisors. so i have some things that i have achieved in my life. but i will be working demand hand with the city with other issues i'm not at a little bit to speak on but i'm here expressing my changing of attitude, my changing of doing business. no longer will i be up here as an advocate. i have been doing it for years. the record shows i have done a wonderful job. so therefore, after this month will be coming to just explain to the city and county and those that are length i am a changed man right now. not saying that things might
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not change later, but i do feel that, i have done my work and talked to my family, talked to my loved ones and talked to some officials here who i can't reveal their names. but i have been reinsured if i do the right thing my efforts will be compensated for and that is information. anyway i will speak later on it. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other speaker cards? >> no. >> okay. let's take each item separately. do the commissioners have questions, comments, edits, motions regarding the approval of the minutes for march 23, 2015? >> i move the minutes. >> commissioner singh moved and commissioner mondejar. >> commissioners please announce your vote when i call your name. commissioner mondejar? >> yes. >> commissioner singh?
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>> commissioner bustos is absent. madam chair rosales. i have three ayes and one absent. >> same question regarding 5 b, the 2nd amendment to the mjm management group contract. i would like to remove it from consent. i want to properly explain this. >> okay. we can remove it from the consent calendar which is deemed part of the regular agenda. can we have staff make a presentation? >> sure. good afternoon, commissioners and good afternoon to the members of the public. thank you for joining us. commissioners, in mission bay we lease property from the city and the port of san francisco using tax increments. we through our master developer fossil mb lease out those parts for
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commercial and private property owners and as the cfg administrator for cfd no. 5, the agency issues contracts for the management of those parks in accordance with the commissions purchasing policy. there is an existing agreement in place with mjm management group and i see the president and director in the audience, as well as another colleague she has brought. i will give a bit more background. looks like they are loading the presentation. as parks are complete and accepted by the city, we add parks to the mjm contract for park management. this next proposed contract amendment before you is to add to the management our management through our contract existing contractor mjm, these additional parks. so with that, i would like to
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ask leila hussein project manager to walk you through the project scope. >> okay, we are in business. i'm here today to talk about the 2nd amendment to the mjm contract. thank you, director bohee for giving a good introduction to what we are here before you today. first i would like to give an overview of just the amendment we are here for today. and so, the 2nd amendment here is to add in for new parks that i'm going over later in this presentation as part of their contract. so right now we have mjm managing almost 11 segment parts in mission bay and in order to add new parks under construction we have to amend their contract. we have estimated dates of when those parks will come online so the dollar amount is estimates on when they are come online and if they don't
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come online during that period, then the amount will change. so, in general, the scope of work will not change either with this contract amendment, the over view of what is composed of in their contract is a management of general operations, landscape, maintenance, general, security and as many of you commissioners have been out there you have seen the parks that are currently in mission bay and the condition they are in rye -- right now that we have heard the excellent work that mjm is doing. quickly on the contract, the former redevelopment commission approved the contract back in december 1, 2009. january 20, 2012, to amend the contract to add a park p 10 which is the round about
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circle in mission bay and we amended the contract then. that was the 1st amendment and now we are here for the 2nd amendment. i went over the parks. those are the technical names of the parks. i will have the map up for you in a second. we have p 1, p 2 and p 5 and the parks that are directly under the contract. the original contract was for 3 years and there was the bill to extend the contract for another 3 years. we are in that second contract term. the contract will expire at the end of this year. so later this year, oci will have to go out to bid for these services. so here is an overview of which director bohee covered. oci manages the park on behalf of cie and by
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the community facilities district no. 5. the park underlying ownership of puc. we have over 13 acres of these parks completed and the fourth park under construction that we are here before you today. so, you have a handout as attachment one. i'm going over the parks, the four parks that we are here today and we are going to start with p 6 which is the children's park and i was also before you for the commission to approve this schematic design for the children's park which is for this completion. just a refresher her e of the site layout. the commission of mission bay is extremely excited about this park and we hope to open it up july or
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august. we will get back to the commission on the exact date and invite everyone for that opening. here is another rendering. it has a play area. it's going to have a lot of users so we anticipate a lot of maintenance will be required for this particular park compared to some of our other more pace passive recreational parks. and we look forward to its opening date. the next park that will be coming online is p 26-27 which is adjacent to the hospital. this is another exciting park that will have many users from ucsf as well as the new communities in potrero and dog patch that we have a dog park to play and plaza and
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will be heavily used. the smaller sliver is not expected to be used as much but the whole system. the larger park is p 26 and the smaller is p 27. the other is p 11. this is really more of a, it's not a usable park. it's a park that will have storm water elements in it to treat run off and it's very important that mission bay meets it's storm water requirements. if you have look at the diagram, it will have a very interesting architectural design and located near a lot of vehicular traffic. it's more of a visual point. again there will be maintenance required in order to make sure that the storm water functions can operate properly and that the
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aesthetics meet the original intent. and then the last park that we are here before you is p 19. this is another smaller park that has storm water features that is more passive, it's long building. it will be adjacent to affordable housing and near mission rock street. that's a broad overview of the four parks that are under are part of the amendment. here is just a chart of overview of the management piece that we are talking about and the amount of months of operation that will be covered. ocie has been working very closely with mjm in order to reduce management fees since we know that we plan to bring on additional parks in the future and we have to contain cost but at the same time keep the level of security as well